In 2015 the Aix Group, headed by  its five Steering Committee members, began its sixth stage of research entitled “Politics & Economics in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” by tackling the following seven topics: (1) Twenty Years after Oslo and the Paris Protocol: The Protocol on Economic Relations between Israel and PLO – Analysis of its Weakness and Proposed Modifications; (2) Palestinian Economic Development: The Destructive Effect of Occupation; (3) The Economic Costs of the Conflict to Israel: The Burden and Potential Risks; (4) The Role of Economics in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Analysis from Dayan’s to Kerry’s Economic Plan; (5) Looking Ahead – Palestinian Economy under Restrictions, Where Do We Go From Here?; (6) Alternative Strategies towards a Final Status Agreement; (7) Some Economic Aspects of the Reconstruction of Gaza.

The Aix Group held several meetings, two roundtables and ongoing consultations with Israeli, Palestinian, and international experts, academics, members of economic organizations, and officials from national governments and international institutions. The Aix Group has published this comprehensive yet concrete analysis with hope of providing key decision makers within the region and internationally with a solid basis from which to make future policy decisions. The research papers presented in this book take into account Palestinian, Israeli and international perspectives, ensuring that the research and analysis are as impartial as possible.

Economics and Politics in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict